I am a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM). I gave up my career that paid me a decent salary when my eldest started primary school because I could not manage both work and home effectively at the same time. I had to leave work on-time every single day so that I could rush to the childcare centre to pick up my children. I felt that it was so unfair to my teammates. When I finally picked up my children, I had no time to spend with them because they will be rushed off to bed after dinner. I felt that was so unfair to my children. So here I am in my fourth year as SAHM and I have no regret giving up my career. Going back to the corporate? No, because I still want my freedom.

So I started this options trading business. Let’s not be naive in believing that options trading is easy and you don’t need to spend much time to make lots of money. I have attended only two courses but I have put in lots of time in reading, analyzing and practicing the strategies. Even though there are a lot of work to be done in this business, it gives me freedom and flexibility.

I put all my trades on this blog to be used as my own reference. I would refer to the winning trades and replicate what I have done right to generate the next winning trade. Most importantly, I would refer to the losing trades and learn from the mistakes made.

If you stumble upon my posts, the information are not meant to be used by anyone else as guide or suggestion of trades. You are welcome to read it as your entertainment and enjoy the silly mistakes I made throughout my trading journey 🙂